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Pushing the boundaries between progression and innovation.

Increase Profitability

Apart from increasing revenue and decreasing expenses, waste reduction can help companies find profitability.

Increase Productivity

A strong process can help you better meet deadlines, and set aside capacity to gain new clients.

Increase Satisfaction

Customer feedback is important. As such, we can work to ensure that your company is continuously improving, with customer satisfaction in mind.


When excellence becomes the standard, people rise to the occasion, and feel more pride, camaraderie and motivation. Hence, "Beyond Efficient."
I educate CEOs, COOs and CFOs on The Minus Principle, and help them to reduce waste and increase profits. But it doesn’t stop there. It’s not only about developing efficient systems and processes, it’s also about the morale and employee boost that naturally accompanies this type of initiative.
I accomplish the above through consulting, training and certification programs using process improvement tools like Lean and Six Sigma.
Also, I prepare companies ready to expand globally by helping them to become ISO certified.


I help companies reduce waste and increase profits.

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Meet Myriam

ISO Compliance Expert
We brought in Myriam to oversee and develop our ISO 9001 documentation and QMS. She was an excellent choice! Not only extremely knowledgable of her field, she is easy to work with and got along with everyone. We achieved our certification with her guidance and highly recommend her.
Myriam was a tremendous asset to our team. She recently led a quality assurance directive within our company in preparation of a new customer audit. Her ability to plan, organize, and direct management and support staff under a tight timeline was the key to our successful audit result. From the moment she walked into our offices, she recognized what our company needed to comply with audit requirements and was able to implement the necessary changes to bring our organization to a new level. Overall, she provided superior project management and was a pleasure to work with.

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